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Voice Therapy - Adult Speech Therapy Services

Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy

If you are experiencing chronic hoarseness, frequent periods of laryngitis, or other voice problems, you may be a candidate for voice therapy. I will work closely with your otolaryngologist, or ENT, to find the best treatment approach to improve your voice quality and overall vocal health.

Voice Therapy Montgomery County Maryland


Our treatment sessions will focus on:

  • Reducing vocally abusive behaviors

  • Establishing better breathing habits to support your voice

  • Exercises to improve voice quality, pitch range, resonance, and to reduce muscle tension 

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"So happy that I found Jessica. She is awesome and helped me to strengthen my voice and taught me ways to keep it healthy. She is patient and well knowledgeable and game me exercises to work on at home. My voice has become stronger and I am more confident using my voice throughout the day. Highly recommend!"