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About Adult Speech Therapy Services - Adult Speech Therapy Services

About Adult Speech Therapy Services


I provide private, outpatient speech therapy services to adults in Maryland who have speech, language and cognitive disorders.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my physical office is currently closed for in-person treatment. I am continuing to provide high-quality, effective treatment via virtual, telehealth, appointments.
I create personalized treatment and home exercise plans for each client, supported by current scientific research.
The focus of my practice is to promote brain healing to improve my clients’ communication and thinking skills, so they can achieve their life’s goals!


Skilled speech therapy was very beneficial to me. It helped me to understand how cognitive impairment interferes with finding words and speaking more fluently so that I could be understood and suffer less frustration. I was given speech exercises that train the brain. These speech exercises continue to be very helpful. Thank you Jessica!
About Adult Speech Therapy Services