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LSVT Loud and Group Classes for Parkinson's - Adult Speech Therapy Services

LSVT Loud and Group Classes for Parkinson’s

LSVT Loud and Group Classes for Parkinson’s

LSVT LOUD® is an intensive, research-based program designed for the treatment of speech and voice disorders associated with Parkinson’s Disease.  I am an LSVT LOUD® certified clinician.

If you are interested in learning more about LSVT LOUD® click here to access the LSVT LOUD®  website.  You can also click here to view a fact sheet about the program.

LSVT Loud Is Revolutionizing Communication in People With Parkinson’s Disease & Other Neurological Conditions

Originally developed as a speech treatment to help those with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), LSVT Loud trains people to strengthen their voice to speak at a normal volume when around others. It has since been shown to help patients with speech concerns due to multiple sclerosis (MS) and stroke, as well as those with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) and children with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Best implemented before speech volume becomes an issue, LSVT Loud can help people better communicate through proper volume levels, allowing them to be better heard and understood. It enhances articulatory, respiratory, and laryngeal function to make speech more intelligible. LSVT Loud has been shown to improve disordered articulation, difficulty swallowing, and even reduced facial expressions.

There are three key strategies that make LOUD effective. This includes the target (appropriate vocal loudness), the mode (intensive dosage and high effort), and calibration, or generalization. Here is what each of those steps mean:

  • Target: Targeting the brain to change through evidence-based treatment
  • Mode: One-on-one treatment to encourage louder and longer speech customized to the individual
  • Calibration: Recalibrating sensory feedback so the speaker learns how to feel comfortable using the louder, more appropriate volume


How Is LSVT Loud Treatment Delivered?

LSVT Loud sessions last about one hour. Four sessions per week are needed over the course of one month. This intensive therapy is done on a one-on-one basis between the clinician and patient. During your session, your clinician will assign homework for you to do on your own every day after the session. 

The assignments are short and take about 15 minutes to complete. This daily practice helps you permanently improve your communication, as long as you complete all 16 sessions and the daily homework. 

Is My Loved One a Good Candidate for LSVT Loud?

If you or your loved one has PD or another neurological condition and is constantly being asked to speak up, you’re likely an ideal candidate. It helps people to learn to speak in a normal tone, so they can be heard and understood. LOUD retrains sensorimotor processing, as well as internal cueing disorders together.

What Should We Expect After LSVT Loud Treatment?

As the gold standard when it comes to PD treatment, you can expect success as long as the custom program is followed. After LSVT Loud, you can expect an increase in loudness, more pitch variation, and better articulation for at least two years. Often, those who complete the treatment experience improved facial expressions and swallowing. Some may also experience positive changes in their brain.

Can People With Advanced Parkinson’s Disease Benefit From LSVT Loud?

Yes, it is possible for those with Parkinson’s Disease in Hoehn & Yahr stages four to five to benefit from this amazing treatment, though it may be to a lesser degree than others. Also, they may need more follow-up sessions.

Can LSVT Loud Be Done Via Telehealth Sessions?

Yes, research shows that video conferencing is just as effective as in-person treatment. This is truly great for patients concerned about COVID-19, as they can stay within the safety of their own home and still receive this care.

Where Can I Find LSVT Loud in Maryland and Virginia?

Right here at Adult Speech Therapy Services, where we use this sensational treatment to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s Disease and others experiencing difficulty communicating due to neurological conditions. 

We offer private, secure virtual telehealth sessions for increased patient safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Call us today at 301-323-8486 to learn more about how we can help bring back smiles to your loved one through improved communication.


What Is Get LOUD! Stay LOUD!?

Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! is an online Parkinson specific speech, voice, and swallowing exercise program.  We offer daily “tune in and follow along”  speech and voice exercise classes that specifically target the communication and swallowing issues that occur with PD.

Where and When Do the Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! Groups Meet?

We meet online, so you can join us from anywhere!  Classes are approximately 20 minutes long. You can attend the LIVE classes, or do the ON DEMAND classes at your convenience.

When Can I Start Attending Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! Groups?

Our program runs continuously. There is no “start date” or “end date” to the Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! program. New members simply jump in when they register.

Parkinson’s is life-long and so is our program. Our aim is to help those with PD make voice and speech fitness a part of their daily routine, to slow the progression of communication and swallowing issues.  For more information about the Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! program, click on the link below.

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"Jessica Parker was a very good LSVT instructor for Parkinson’s patients. She is motivating and has good patient skills. I enjoyed my sessions with her."