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Speech Therapy for Primary Progressive Aphasia: One Client's Testimonial % -

Speech Therapy for Primary Progressive Aphasia: One Client’s Testimonial

Can speech therapy help Primary Progressive Aphasia?

Primary progressive aphasia has been in the news recently following Bruce Willis’ recent diagnosis.  However, many people do not know how a diagnosis of PPA can significantly impact a person’s life, specifically their ability to  communicate.  The good news is that speech therapy can help! The following is one client’s testimonial as to how speech therapy helped him.

Ned’s Speech Therapy Testimony

“My name is Ned. I’m an 80-year-old retired professional engineer in retirement for the last three years. I was looking forward to a pleasant life for the remainder of my years. It started well for a short time, but then I began to experience small problems with everyday things. As things got worse, ordinary items started to cause issues. For example, I had trouble remembering the names of my children and grandchildren. This problem meanifested in words and recognition of names of basic objects. To my shock, I was succumbing to Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA.)

Due to the limited resources in my area, my wife and daughter needed help finding a local speech-language pathologist. My daughter arranged my first introduction and appointment with Jessica Parker, a speech-language pathologist who provided virtual adult speech therapy services. Jessica demonstrated excellent knowledge of PPA. Jessica provided me with education about PPA to understand that this disease cannot be stopped, but speech therapy can help.

Our meetings were virtual through the computer in weekly one-hour sessions. The virtual meetings were just as good as traditional face-to-face sessions.  Jessica provided several helpful tools and demonstrated how to use them.  The sessions were authentic, and Jessica was sincere and genuine in her guidance. Jessica was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease with learning and understanding the tools. I would strongly recommend Jessica to anyone who needs an adult speech-language pathologist.”

Seeking Help from a Speech Therapist 

It is important to seek help from a speech therapist with experience treating  your specific diagnosis.  The clinicians at Adult Speech Therapy Services specialize in treating the areas of communication, cognition and swallowing that impact adults, including primary progressive aphasia.  Call us at 301-323-8486 today for a free consultation to discuss our approach to treatment. We look forward to the opportunity to help.