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Speech Therapy for Adults

Speech Therapy Services for Adults- Not for Kids 

The communication demands on adults are much different than those on children. So, why would an adult see a pediatric speech therapist?  You need to find the best speech therapy services to meet your needs.

Are There Speech Therapists That Treat Adults?

Yes! There are speech therapists who specialize in treating adults.  At Adult Speech Therapy Services, we specialize in treating adults with brain-related speech, language, cognitive and swallowing difficulties.  Our practice is different than other speech therapy practices. We focus on meeting the needs of adults, not children. So, we have been able to gain the clinical experience and knowledge to support the unique needs of adults.

What Can Speech Therapists Treat?

Many of our clients have new communication and swallowing difficulties. These result from suffering a stroke or brain injury, or from diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s. But, we also help clients who have been dealing with their communication deficits their whole lives. For example, stuttering and articulation difficulties.

What is Speech Therapy Like?

First, we start by getting to know our clients’ individual goals. Some of these goals include, returning to work, or communicating more effectively with family members. Next, we evaluate our client to find out what skills therapy should address. After completing an evaluation, we create a treatment plan unique to each client. The treatment plan consists of research-based exercises, compensatory strategies, and a comprehensive home practice program. Finally, we encourage the participation of family members and caregivers during treatment sessions, as their  support is integral to our client’s success.

How Do I Seek Therapy?

Call us at 301-323-8486 today to schedule a free consultation, and take the first step to improving your communication skills.  Do you have Medicare and Medicaid? No problem! We accept both, as well as other insurances for which we are an out-of-network provider. Call us at 301-323-8486 today to schedule a free consultation, and take the first step in your road to recovery.